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In January 2012, it was began of construction work under the project "Construction Ekomarina over the Ryńskie lake". Work was complited 30 April 2013

The cost of the Ekomarina building is nearly 6,700,000  pln, including EU funding from the Regional Operational Programme Warmia and Masuria 2007-2013 amounted to 5,300,000 pln.
During the building of Ekomarina there were established:
new building of the Harbour Master's Office, along with the socio -economic spaces for sailors and port workers such as toilets, showers, laundry, drying room, first aid room and rooms for handling, educational and training hall.
In addition the Ekomarina has two floating piers, lighted space for 60 yachts along with the electrical and water supply made ​​available to sailors. Floating piers with the bridge are all constant along the quay that will be able to accommodate approximately 90 boats!
The main product of the Ekomarina is the ability to removal and disposal of waste from vessels and segregation of solid waste, in which service the Marina will be equipped, as well as the ability to slipway water equipment.
Pricelist of the Ekomarina:
1. Fees charged by Bosman:
-Guest toilet - 2 pln
-Power consumption providing - 10 pln/day
-The release of the cable to the water - 5 pln/day
-Emptying of chemical tanks - 5 pln/pc
-Harbour dues (garbage and toilet free) - 8 pln per person (not less than 16 pln/day)
-In the case of a stop for 3 hours fee for leaving rubbish and toilet -10 pln/yacht
-Providing boat launching by the slip - 30 pln/pc
2. The machine to throw coins:
-Shower (5 min.) - 5 pln
-Washing machine (1h) - 5 pln
-Hair dryer (1h) - 5 pln
-Laundry Sinks (5 min) - 2 pln
-Chute plants (vol. 1 m3) - 10 pln
-Washing dishes (2 min) - 2 pln
The Marina regulations:
1. The Marina is located by the Lake Ryńskie and operated by PGKiM Ryn Ltd.
2. All watercraft users based permanently or temporarily in the harbor and the people who are in the harbor applies these rules. The entrance to the site means acceptance of rules.
3. During the navigation season Marina is operated by Bosman every day: 6.00. - 22.00.

Ekomarina contact :   
Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej i Mieszkaniowej w Rynie sp. z o.o.
ul. Konrada Wallenroda 10 
11 - 520 Ryn
Chairman Juliusz Leczycki,  505 019 050
Telefon Bosman : +48 87 420 70 49